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Ecuador Travel  welcomes you to the enchantment of the Galapagos Islands On March 10, 1535, the spanish Bishop Fray Tomas de Berlanga discovered the magical islands on the Pacific ocean, their name was given because of the giant tortoises that he found here, the Galapagos.

The Galapagos Islands are located 600 miles (1000 km)Ecuador Travel  off Ecuador's Pacific coast, the archipelagos is formed by undersea volcanic eruptions, 6 millions years ago.

19 islands forms the entire "Archipielago de Galapagos", now known as
Ecuador Travel
  "The Galapagos National Park and Ecological Reserve"

The magic that evolves The Galapagos is, the diversity of species that lives there, and the question that every visitor asked, is how does this happened,
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how all this live forms adapted to live here, and the question will be in the words of Darwin:

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive,
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nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change"

Come and visit all the magic of the Galapagos in one of our vessels, and explore the ultimate experience of underwater live
Ecuador Travel  forms with Scuba Diving Safari



Day 01: Ecuador Travel Departure from Lago Agrio to the Cuyabeno River Bridge by private transportation for about 3 hors. Box lunch en route. Arrival to the Cuyabeno river bridge, here we will take the dugout canoe downstream through the Cuyabeno River until we reach the camp. Ecuador Travel We will have the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and find many species of flora and fauna. Arrival to the camp by 18H00, accommodations, dinner and introductory briefing about the Rainforest and Cuyabeno Reserve. Short walk looking for nocturnal creatures. Back to the camp for overnight.

Day 2.- Early birdwatching (optional). After breakfast we will make a walk through a swamp forest for about 3 hours learning about this ecosystem. Back to camp for lunch. Ecuador Travel After lunch we will go by canoe to the Laguna Grande, one of the most beautiful lagoons in the Cuyabeno system. Here we will have the chance to find pink dolphins (Inia geoffrensis), and swim with them. Ecuador Travel Visit the surrounding areas. Back to the camp for dinner, briefing abut next day¼s activities and other topic of interest. Nocturnal canoe ride looking for wildlife such as caimans or other species of animals.Ecuador Travel

Day 3.- After breakfast we will take the canoe until we reach the trail. Ecuador TravelWalk through a Firmland forest where we will learn about the function of this type of forest, natural history and the diverse uses of plants as well may have the opportunity to find wildlife. Arrival to the Siona community Ecuador Travel where we will have the chance to share closer with the local people their culture. Ecuador Travel Traditional lunch. After lunch paddling canoe ride enjoying the beauty of the Rainforest sounds. Back to the camp for dinner, briefing about next day¼s activities and other topic of interest. Overnight.

Day 4.- After breakfast we will visit the Laguna Grande, this is a beautiful lagoon formed after the rainfall. Here we will make a walk through a temporary flooded forest where will have the chance to learn about natural history of this different ecosystem as well as uses of plants and function. Ecuador Travel Back to the camp for lunch. Ecuador TravelAfter lunch paddling canoe ride through a different area discovering this magical area and wildlife. Back to the camp for dinner, conservation and farewell briefing. Overnight.

Day 05: After breakfast depart to the Cuyabeno river bridge to take our car back to Lago Agrio. Arrival to Lago Agrio to take the flight back to Quito. Ecuador Travel Arrival in Quito by midday. Ecuador Travel

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